Wednesday, December 31, 2014

365 Days of Depression

So I went through 2014 in very deep depression for most of the year.   I have struggled with how to talk about it and not be defined by it.  What I am going to try in 2015 is to write about it day by day for the year.

For my own benefit I want to measure how my mood was on any given day.  Was I happy or not?  Was getting out of bed easy?   Could I get the mundane tasks done?  and more.

I have tried to be alone with my thoughts about the depression and to try and work through it in meditation or worship but it is not working well enough.  I think I need to write down my thoughts and feelings about it.   Putting it on this blog and giving me a target of one post per day for a year gives me something to live up to with enough constant urgency so that it will force to be more deliberate in my thinking about it, or I should say in purging my thinking of the depression.   I have no idea where it will take me, I just hope it will one of the tools to defeat this depression.

Tomorrow will be the first day.   For now in the various languages that matter the most for me:

Happy New Year - Frohes Neu Jahr - Head Uut Aastat 
Gott Nytt år - Bonne Année - С Новым Годом - Kloshe Chee Cole

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