Thursday, January 01, 2015

Depression Day 1 - Depression is really depressing

Very rarely do I hear people talk about depression being depressing, but it is.   The endlessness of it, the hopelessness of it, is all depressing.   It sucks,

I have no desire to be depressed, I have no desire to have depression be a part of my identity.   I want it gone but when I talk to others with depression they tell me they cope with it, they accept it, they live with it.   I find that very depressing.   It is a fatalism that does not make anything better.

Just be happy - I wish I could.   It is depressing not being able to be happy even when you do the things that you really like.

----- Break of Several Hour ----

My youngest son Max is I thinking suffering from a lack of sleep, he has spent the last two hours throwing a temper tantrum

My mood today
Happy  - 3
Energy - 3
Stress - 7

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