Sunday, January 04, 2015

Depression Day 4 - I really hate rain

Being from the west coast you would think I could tolerate rain but I hate it with a passion.   The 7 degrees and rain that is happening outside of my home is about the most miserable weather I can think of.    I raise this because the rain does little or nothing to improve my mood.   I have no desire to go outside.

The greyness of the west coast winter is not something that lightens my mood.   When it is damp and grey I have struggle a lot more to get anything done.   Just looking outside makes me feel cold and uncomfortable.  Here in Victoria it is sunny less than 1/3 of the time for the whole winter which is better than Vancouver where is less than a 1/4 of the time.  In Calgary it is sunny on average for half the day in the winter.  

Overall people say the west coast is great even in the winter because there is no snow.   I would love to trade the seven months of damp grey for -40 and snow.  

When I look back at my life, I was happier a lot more of the time when I lived in Lillooet.   It is rare to have rain in Lillooet and the skies are clear the vast majority of the time.  

Here in Victoria it feels like it takes my months to shake of the damp grey of the winter, by the time I do it tends to high summer with only a month or two before the return of the rains.  

Would I be happier or manage my depression better if I lived in southern California, Hawaii or even Turkey?   I do not know, but I can feel a sense of desire to live somewhere dry.

I know I do need to figure out how to become a generally happy person even when it rains, and rains and rains and rainds

Happy - 4
Energy - 4
Stress - 7

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