Friday, November 15, 2013

My Parents Passports from 1951 and 1954

This is my father Axel von Schulmann's passport - note he is not called a German citizen, but "Einem deutschen Staatsangehörigen gleichgestellt" he is granted the equivalency of German citizenship

The passport was issued on August 4th 1951, which is weird give that on page 6 he has a stamp from Canadian Dept of National Health and Welfare dated August 1st 1951.
From this I know that he lived at Oberpolln Huse Nummer 28 in Pfrombach before emmigrating

The passport was only good for three year terms - he renewed it once on September 2nd 1956 in Vancouver

From this I can see my father landed in Quebec on September 3rd 1951.
He got his visa for Canada issued in Bremen on August 15th 1951
The August 1st date on the upper left page is odd

This is my mother's only German passport I know of.  Interestingly it has her as a German citizen.
My mother came to Canada on a a Nansen Passport sort of thing which she managed to get in 1950   This pre-dates the 1951 UN stateless person convention passports so she had something predating that document. I remember seeing it years ago but I have no idea where it is now.  It was grey 

My mother got this passport issued August 24th 1954 in Vancouver some months after she married my father.

Interesting, this passport has no Canadian visas of any sort.  Also interesting is that this passport was issued for five years.   My father's passport was only renewed for three years in 1956.

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