Friday, November 15, 2013

My parents first driver's licences issued in 1948 and 1951 respectively

My father Axel von Schulmann was issued this driver's licence before the create of the Federal Republic of Germany.  He was in the American occupation zone and therefore it is bi-lingual. 

His class 4 licence was issued September 9th 1948 at age 26.  He got a class 3 endorsement on March 23rd 1950
He brought this licence with him to Germany in 1975 and it was actually still valid and preferred by the company renting him a car.   Seems the wallet size plastic ones from Canada were not what the Germans knew what to do with in the 70s
My father worked on a farm after the war and had drive tractors and trucks for work from 1948 to 1951 when he left for Canada. 
This is my mother Lita von Schulmann's - you can see she is referred to as Baronesse on it.   It also has her Frankfurt address, Forsthaus 42

She got her class 4 licence on July 20th 1951 in Frankffurt at age 22.  Interestingly she had no restrictions.  In Canada she was not allowed to drive a standard because her left leg was lame.  I know she had few chances to practice driving because her skills were not great when she came to Canada.

My mother with her Model A in Vancouver in early 1953 - she crashed this car near Broadway and Fraser in early 1953.  A car was one of the first things my mother bought in Canada - for her it was freedom

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