Friday, November 22, 2013

Maria von Fersen's 1954 German Passport

Interesting is that in his passport her citizenship is listed as Deutshe and not  "Einem deutschen Staatsangehörigen gleichgestellt" which is that is was in her 1950 Deutshe Kennkarte and as my father had in his 1951 German Passport.

Her passport was issued on May 3 1954, about six and half weeks before she sailed for Canada

Nils and Lorenz were on her passport

Maria von Fersen's Canadian immigrant visa issued May 26th 1954 in Hanau

Maria von Fersen landed in Quebec on July 2nd 1954

Seems that in April and May of 1957 my grandmother was in eastern Canada and visited the US from there

So my grandmother arrived back in Vancouver October 2nd 1960 via air - I assume she was returning from Germany but  had no idea she had gone there in 1960

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