Friday, November 22, 2013

Early documents from my Grandmother Maria von Fersen 1947 to 1954

My grandmother Maria von Fersen was born in 1905 in Estonia when it was a territory of the Russian Empire.  She was barn as part of the Stackelberg family

The front over of her Deutsche Kennkarte dated from 1950 - this has to be her second one post war

The inside of Maria von Fersen's Deutsche Kennkarte issued January 6th 1950
Interesting is that the document lists where she was living on September 1st 1939
She, like my father is listed as "Einem deutschen Staatsangehörigen geleichgestelt" in the nationality portion of the document

Cover of Maria von Fersen's de-Nazification notice

On June 9th 1947 my grandmother was declared not to have been a Nazi under the March 5th 1946 law about  National Socialism and Militarism
Maria von Fersen's Passage Contract to Canada.   She sailed with her two sons and her grandson.
Total cost was $425 to sail on the the four of them on the Arosa Kulm.  They left Bremerhaven on June 22nd 1954 and arrived at Quebec City on July 2nd 1954.
You can see pictures of the Arosa Kulm from a summer 1956 sailing to Canada.  The Arosa Kulm seems to be much fancier ship than the Beaverbrae which brought the bulk of the Baltic Germans to Canada in the early 1950s


Unknown said...

I am so jealous that you have these documents! LOL I would love to be able to obtain these documents for my Grandmother. Were you able to order these or were these something she had kept over all these years? BTW your Oma was so beautiful!! :) Thanks for sharing this with the world!

Bernard said...

I have the documents because I ended up with all the old family papers. That said, copies of most legal documents can be ordered from the country of origin, this is how I have a copy of my grandmother's Russian birth certificate