Monday, November 05, 2012

One more reason we need to allow more airlines into Canada

This is from my niece in Fort St John and about the lack of any reasonable customer service from Air Canada - the par for the course in my opinion from that airline.  I have flown many airlines in the world over many decades, I have never had one with customer service as consistently bad as Air Canada.   

This is her facebook post about the situation

Oh Air Canada-25 business days to look into this? Really? I fly in less than three weeks. Here is my email and Air Canada's Current Reponse:
On Nov 17 I will be flying with my 3 month old son to Kelwona. Because Air Canada does not fly from Fort St John directly to Kelowna, I have to stop in Vancouver. I have a one hour layover on the way there and a two hour layover on the way back. I am travelling with just my son. I was hoping that I could take his stroller and sky check it so that during my layover I could actually put my son down, maybe have a coffee or snack, and defiantly use the washroom. I tried to find the information for if I could online, but it was unclear to me. I decided to call customer service. I had to wait on hold for about an hour. I asked if I could take my stroller (which collapses) on the plane and sky check it. Because my son is under 6 months old, he cannot use an umbrella stroller, but must be placed in his car seat that attaches to his stroller. I was told that I could not sky check this, and only umbrella strollers are allowed. I was spoken to in a very rude manner and basically told, "That's the way it is." This is going to make it very difficult for me to travel and now I am regretting booking my flight. Being a new mom can be stressful, and I was already nervous about flying with my son for the first time. Now I have to find a way to hold him the whole time-even if I have to go to the washroom.

It would be nice if I could take my stroller and carseat and sky check them. These items are not large and I feel that other passengers would be understanding of what a young infant requires. Once he is older than six months, I would be happy to travel with an umbrella stroller. Or even if my husband could come with me that would help. I also found that the woman from customer service had no time for me and didn't listen to my concerns.

I like to think that Air Canada is family friendly and I hope that you will look into this matter and get back to me.

Thank you,

Emily Gregory
From AC:
Thank you for contacting us.

This is to confirm that we have received your correspondence and there is no requirement to re-submit your information. Our processing time is currently 25 business days for general customer concerns, 25 business days for baggage related issues and up to 4 weeks for baggage tracing. We will make every effort to respond sooner.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as you await our response.

***Please do not reply to this email, it is an automated response.**

Emily posted this on the Air Canada Facebook page.  Instead of dealing with the situation, finally, the just erased her post.

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