Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coffins coming to Canada

There are numerous people dieing everyday in Afghanistan and we hear about almost none of them, we really only hear about the Canadians that die. Are we only willing to mourn Canadians? I am certain I know the answer to this, most people in Canada will only think about the dieing Canadians and not the bigger picture.

For each Canadian that dies in Afghanistan, 40 civilians are killed by the insurgents. Everyday 9 people are killed in Afghanistan because of the decision to make war from the insurgents.

This year about 1000 civilians will be killed by the insurgents. This number does not include murders of which there seems to be a lot of them being done by the insurgents. A nother 1450 Afghan police and military will be killed by them as well.

About 100 civilians died in crossfires during insurgent attacks but it is not clear who killed them.

About 400 civilians will have been killed by coalition actions this year.

372 coalition soldiers have been killed in action this year, 24 of those Canadians.

This is 3300 people or 9 per day. 75% of the people killed were by the insurgents, most of them were civilians or police officers. These are the people Canadians ignore and forget about.

Imagine where we would at in Canada if the Hells Angels killed a 1000 civilians in Canada and 1000 police officers. Imagine a life where in Canada where we were being threatened directly and indirectly by the Hell's Angels and the only positive light was from troops from some other country fighting against them.

I have not included insurgent deaths in the totals, the estimates are that over 15000 have died since the start of the war in Afghanistan. This number does say that the coalition forces clearly are much better at not killing civilians and that the insurgents are willing targeting civilians over military.

Dead Afghanis do not matter to Canadians.

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