Thursday, September 13, 2012

Old family pics from 1957 to 1962 of my sister Beatrice von Schulmann

Beatrice with her mother (Lita von Schulmann nee Dellingshausen 1929-2009) in 1957
Since my mother took most of the photos, this is a rare picture with her in it
I have been the one in the family that inherited all the old pictures and documents from my parents and my grandmother.   My mother was a amateur photographer who came close to being a professional but she had not partied so hard in early 20s that she never quite followed through.   I am going through the old pictures and scanning many of them.  I am posting them in various locations online, but to maintain more personal connection I will be posting more here over time.
Beatrice with her father (Axel von Schulmann 1922 - 2003) on the ferry to Estonia in 1960
I have always loved this picture because of how well the two of them are dressed

Beatrice Xmas 1962
Beatrice with Granny (Maria von Fersen nee Stackelberg 1905-1988) Xmas 1962

Beatrice in 1957

Beatrice on May 4th 1957, her second birthday

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Unknown said...

I went to school with Beatrice in Tsawwassen and remember the day your family moved in. I remember because I also lived on Bayview Drive and was always looking for new subscribers to the Sun newspaper I delivered. As far as I know, our class of 73, the last for Tsawwassen people to graduate in Ladner, has not had a reunion since our 15th, so I am now out of touch with a lot of the people I went to school with from grade 4-12.
D Ross Fisher
Campbell River