Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pavilion Lake Fire

The cross hatching is the area of the fire, the lake is Pavilion Lake
the upper right north side of the lake is where I lived
There is a fire burning not far from where I lived on Pavilion Lake, less than 4 kilometres down the road.

Living in the Lillooet area I got used to forest fires somewhere in the area every year.  It was part of life in the dry and hot climate of the region.   

My friends at Ts'kw'aylaxw are all under evacuation alert, though the fire is apparently now 85% contained. I think the risk is over for them.   I am 99% certain there was no chance of a risk to people living at Pavilion IR #1, it is the Marble Canyon Reserve that is less than 1.4 kilometres from the fire, though fires do not tend to burn downhill.

I know the forest that has been burned.   It is largely in the Marble Canyon Park and was/is old growth forest.   I often drove the road behind the park to get up on the cliffs above Pavilion Lake, this road goes through the location of the fire.   It is a beautiful view and a peaceful place.    That fact that a bunch of it has burned is very personal to me.

It looks like the area right above the well know ice climb Icy BC has been burned.  I have no idea if this will have any impact on the climb next winter.

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