Wednesday, October 06, 2010


So I threw for two hours and I worked my way through a lot of clay, the Seattle Pottery Supply Klamath Buff clay as a fair amount of grog in it and hands have been thoroughly exfoliated.

Pottery is like riding a bike, I stepped in and it was as if I had not been away from the wheel.  Over the two hours bit and pieces of techniques came back to me.  Centering was still easy.  I assumed that there would be nothing worth keeping, so I played around with the clay, I was not careful, I pushed things and tried to remember the feel of the process.

I did go through a whole bag of clay, most of them were failures but there were six pieces that worked.   I will see what I think of them on Friday when I go in trim the pots.  I hope to get three mugs out of it and some bowls.

The best pieces came when I just went for it very quickly.  The clay would centre and then I would quickly pull the shape at a fairly high speed.

I will take some pics on Friday.

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