Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Return to Pottery

When I lived in Lillooet I had access to a studio where I could do pottery and spent close to nine years on and off doing pottery.   I loved working with clay because it is something that is all about touch and feel and not being in your brain.

When I moved down to Victoria I did not have access to any studio space and life events intervened to make hard for me to push the issue, but this has changed now.   For my 45th birthday Sheila bought me time at the Hands On Pottery Studio in Quadra village.

Today I am going in to throw for the first time in almost seven years.   I am trepidatious, is pottery a skill like cycling or skiing, something you do not forget, or am I going back to the beginning?   I will be in there for four hours today.  

I am not working with the clay I used to work with the most, Plainsman stoneware.  I am bringing in my own clay, a Seattle Pottery Supply stoneware called Klamath Buff, I bought the clay at Victoria Clay Art on Burnside - they do not carry Plainsman because Plainsman will not wholesale to them.

I will take some pics of the process and the results, I do not expect to come away with anything today, I expect to only find my place with the clay.   If something comes of it that is decent, that is a bonus.

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