Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scouts and my new role in it

I was in Prince George for the Semi Annual General Meeting of Cascadia Council of Scouts Canada.  I was at the event because I have agreed to be on the board of Cascadia Council, I am not the Deputy Council Commissioner for Properties.

My role is to oversee all of the properties that belong to Scouts Canada in the Cascadia Council area, which is all of BC and Yukon except for the 604 area code.   This means I oversee eight major camps,  21 Scout Halls, and  to oversee and about 43 camp properties.

The major camps I oversee are:

  • Camp Barnard in Sooke
  • Camp Woodlands on Cowichan Lake
  • Camp Caillet near Nanaimo
  • Camp Hughes near Prince George
  • Camp Dunlop in Kelowna
  • Camp Boyle near Summerland
  • Camp Busk in the Kootenaies
  • Ruckell Point Camp on Lake Shuswap

I expect to be in this role for many years.   From my work life it will be easier for me than most to manage with the information.

The SAGM was interesting because I had a chance to get to know Scouts Canada Chief Council Commissioner Steve Kent.  He is young, just turned 32, but he has a vision to bring a lot of life back into the scouting movement.   Scouts Canada has been on a decline in membership for years but this last two years since has been in charge things have changed and numbers are rising.

He is also a fun guy to get to know even if he is an MHA in Danny Williams' government.   Politically he and I are close, I am just not a fan of Danny Williams and he is.

The people involved with Scouting are truly amazing go getters and achievers.   Scouting is also such a great program for youth to be involved with, the number of people in leadership roles in Canada that were in Scouting or Guiding is astonishing.   People bemoan the fact that youth are screens all the time and wonder what to do about it and all the time there is Scouting.

I am very happy with Scouting and that is why I am willing step up and offer my time to help look after one aspect of the organization here.

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