Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nigeria Scam Refund from the UN!!!!

OK, this one is just too funny, who thinks this is real?   Who falls for this?

Verbatim as I got it in my email, typos, bad grammar and all.

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:46:30 +0100 [05:46:30 PM PDT]
To: Undisclosed Recipients
Subject: Dear Sir/Ma

The Desk of United Nation Secretary General
760 United Nation Plaza, Between 42nd and 48th streets,
First Avenue,East

Dear Sir/Ma

I Write to bring to your notice, in line with our resolution of United Nations
Head of state meeting held on Febuary 9th 2010,at Lyon France. 1, The
united nations resolved that Europe,Asia,Canada and the united state has lost
quiet reasonable sums of money on there quest to claim their various contract
payment/inheritance from African nations. 2. This unfortunate lost of
funds from various individuals/cooperation constitutes over 25% of the present
Europe and American economic crisis. 3. The individuals involve in this
countries has either lost their businesses, their jobs, their home, or finally
lost their lives. To address this ugly situation the United Nations has raised
the sum of Eleven billion; six hundred million united state dollars (11.6bnUSD) as bail out to individuals and
cooperate bodies that were badly affected by these ugly trends.

In our survey, carried out from 1996 - 2009 by our financial expert in
Europe,Asia,canada and the united state of America u are list as one of the
victims. The sum of five hundred and fifty thousand united state dollars (550, 000, 00USD), has been deposited in your favor, for your upkeeps and this is very important to alleviate your suffering from the present global economic cirsis.Your payment release code is UNSEC201/760NY49/550S09

You are here by directed to contact urgently the payment officer, Rev. Wisdom Smith of the foreign payment service new York, No: 1 chase plaza, Manhattan NY, 10005
Tel: 1-845-536-4730

you are advised to utilize these funds judiciously, has the united nation has done it's best to improve your leaving standard.

Best Regard,

United Nation Sec. General

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