Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Coming to the end of the school year - update in SIDES

Stephen has been in the SIDES program for close to five months now and he is thriving with it.  He likes what he is learning and how he is learning it.

Over the last few weeks I have been very busy and therefore guilty that I have not been on top of what Stephen should be doing, but we are getting there to get all the lessons and tests in to the school this week or early next week.

Stephen is half way through grade five now, though officially a grade four student.   I expect that in a year he will finished with grade six and starting on grade seven.

We require Stephen to read and he has transitioned from Asterix comics and D&D manuals to novels.   He is actively enjoying reading the novels and reading at an advanced age.

His chess skills are getting quite good, he can win against me from time to time, though we both still make stupid mistakes.

Stephen is enjoying cooking, though there have been moments of disaster.   Last week he tried doing chocolate chip cookies completely by himself and put in too much better.....

It has not all been perfect, there are times when he is frustrated that he regresses on how deals with things and becomes very passive aggressive.  I remind Stephen that if he makes the process hard for me to deal with, I will send him back to the regular school.  This has been effective in getting him to calm and act more maturely.

If Stephen was not reasonably self motivated, there is no way that this would work, but he is and he does get the tasks done that are asked of him.  I am willing to try this for the full year next year.

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