Friday, May 28, 2010

The David Obee column about Clifford Olsen

In the Times Colonist today, David Obee writes about Clifford Olsen and the payments made to him for the police to find the bodies.  He mainly comments about the self published book by former RCMP member Scotty Gardiner.

Paying for the bodies was both good and bad.   I was a teen in the lower mainland during the time that Olsen was killing us.   His actions were very personal because the victims could have been anyone I was in high school with.   The reward was always horrible that it was paid, but the alternative was the potential deaths of more of my peers.

The police do not have an easy life and they have to make the best a bad situation.

My one wish or desire would be that the government use the jails as punishment for all people with life sentences.   These people have no need for any entertainment, any free time, to have any meal other than a basic gruel with the right nutrients, have no visitors or mail, and not be allowed to talk to anyone for any reason.   People with a life sentence have been judged not to have the right for re entry to society as a full member of society.  They have been judged to be unable to 'repay' their debt to society.

When I think of Clifford Olsen or Colin Thatcher, I would like to be able to think that they spend every waking moment doing work and have nothing in their lives that could bring them any joy.  Life sentences should be the loss of everything in your life expect for drudgery till death.

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