Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NHL playoffs starting

I am a fair weather Canucks fan, the team has disappointed me so many times over the past 34 years.

Mid season I was disappointed with where the team was at, I was ready to write them off for season. I am stunned and happy to see their recovery though the last third of the season. I had not expected them to be able to win the division, but they did at the very end of the season.

The last couple of weeks they have been a been weaker in their results than I would have liked, but they had something of a crazy finish to the season with a lot of travel.

They finished with 45 wins, their third best season of all time. They finished the season strongly. Both of these things point to a team that could be a contender for the Stanley Cup.

Much will depend on how well they do tonight against St Louis. They need to go on the road up two games to gain the advantage in the series.

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Mr Squid said...

I have given up on the Canucks. Part of the reason is that it has been twelve years since I lived in Vancouver, and I now have another local NHL team to follow. However, a lot of the reason is that the Canucks have consistently played below their abilities for most of the last 34 years. They have only had two serious Cup runs, and one of them was a fluke. I have been a Canucks fan as long as I can remember, but as of a couple of years ago, I just stopped caring about them. They clearly don't care much about their fans.