Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cuts to CBC radio

CBC announced today the sort of cuts they will have to make to balance their budget. I have been an avid listener to CBC radio one for years. It is the almost constant soundtrack to my life in the house.

The biggest impact for me will be the loss of the second hour of BC Almanac. BC Almanac really has been the only unified media coverage of BC for many years. I would been happier to see the morning programs dropped and leave BC Almanac.

I listen to the Point a lot, but not because I really like it a lot. This seems to mark the end of the CBC trying to get younger listeners.

As to Outfront, it has been hit and miss for me. Sometimes very good, often bland and sometimes awful. Outfront has jumped around the schedule so much that I can never be sure when it is on.

The Inside Track is something I have liked listening to. I like the different take this show took on sports.

I will not miss the radio two programs because I do not listen to radio two.

I do not watch CBC TV, they still do not offer their programs online. I dropped cable a few years back and watch all of my TV on the computer now.

As much as I like CBC radio one, is it fair to make all Canadians pay for something that most people do not listen to? Does CBC really serve a crucial role in this country that requires tax payer support? I think the answer is that it is not really right of the government to levy taxes to pay for the CBC.

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