Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trying to set some standards for a house with four boys

Family Code of Conduct

1. We say hello and good bye every time we see each other.

  1. We never take anything from each other without permission, never assume that it’s okay and that they won’t mind.

  1. We eat together at the table and cook meals together.

  1. We are polite: we say please, thank you, excuse me etc We don’t talk negatively about people. We admonish each other about being critical or negative.

  1. We do not fight we talk until there is a solution.

  1. We do as we are told immediately, without arguing. We do not nag.

  1. If one parent says ‘No’ about something, we do not then ask permission from another parent.

  1. We clean up after ourselves – our rooms, bathroom, kitchen. We do not make any unnecessary work for others – if we use something we put it away. If we find something out of place we put it away

  1. We keep ourselves neat and clean – we bath, brush our hair and teeth, we keep our clothes clean and our hands and faces clean.

  1. We take good care of everything: clothes, toys, books, bikes, car, furniture, house. We share with one another.

  1. We speak quietly and respectfully with one another – no yelling, no whining.

  1. If we are not sure about something, we ask.

  1. We tell the truth – we own up when we have done something wrong.

  1. We help around the house, we help each other cheerfully, we do our chores with a good attitude. We are diligent workers. We always do our best and finish our work properly. We don’t waste time.


stvvictoria said...

You'd think these were no-brainers but it's the stuff that drives Paul and I crazy too.

Has it been a rough week?

Mr Squid said...

I think that I will implement these rules too.