Friday, September 20, 2013

11 Cool Places to Visit in BC

I am playing around a lot with video and such.   In that process I created this video of cool places to visit in BC.

I have been to all of them other than Eve Cone and Hunlen Falls.


The places in the video are:

  • Chilko Lake
  • Leon Creek village site near Lillooet
  • Black Tusk near Whistler
  • Cathedral Provincial Park south of Keremeos
  • Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park
  • Hot Springs Cove in Clayoquot Sound - The pictures do not convey the amazing experience of being in this unaltered natural hotspring that runs through a crack in the rocks into the ocean
  • Hunlen Falls in Tweedsmuir Park - The 3rd highest waterfall in Canada with a 401 meter drop, that is almost eight times as high as Niagara Falls
  • San Josef Bay in Cape Scott Park - Beautiful big sandy beach surrounded by old growth forest.  You are unlikely to ever see more than a handful of people at this beach
  • Eve Cone in Edziza Park - I have not been here but ever since I first saw pictures of this cinder cone volcano I have wanted to see it in person
  • Farwell Canyon of the Chilcotin River
  • Joffre Lakes Park

I love Leon Creek, it is unknown to almost everyone.   It is not all that remote but feels like you returned to the late 19th century.

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