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An image from about 1837 of two of ancestors

I have been scanning some pictures.   This first one is a photo of a painting from about 1837 - how old do you think the girl is?   The older woman is Beate Ulrike Sophia Gräfin von Pahlen nee Gräfin von Stenbock 1759 to 1845.  The girl is Beate Elizabeth von Grünewaldt nee Gräfin von Stenbock 1834-1895.

Beate Elizabeth is my great-great grandmother and Beate Ulrike Sophia is her great grandmother and my great-great-great-great-great grandmother.

Beate Ulrike Sophia Gräfin von Pahlen nee Gräfin von Stenbock born September 10th 1759 at Kolk Estonia.  She married Hans von Pahlen on her sixteenth birthday.  Hans was 19 years older than her and died May 9th 1817.   She lived till June 4th 1845.

Her daughter was Charlotte Margarethe von Pahlen born November 4th 1782 at Palms.  She married Alexander August von Mohrenschildt (1769-1823).  She died November 16th 1871.

Her daugher was Cäcilie von Mohrenschildt born April 24th 1812 in Reval Estonia.   She married Magnus Christoph Ludwig Graf von Stenbock (January 1st 1780 to Ocotber 16th 1816) who was her second cousin, Beate Elizabeth was his great aunt.  Cäcilie von Mohrenschildt died March 7th 1870 in Reval.

Her daughter is the girl in the picture, Beate Elizabeth Gräfin von Stenbock, born Dcember 29th 1834.  She married John Georg Otto von  Grünewaldt on the 22nd of September 1857 in Reval.  He was born on March 30th 1830 ay Koik and died May 8th 1910 in Reval Estonia.   She died April 2th 1895.

The estate Kolk was ruled by salic inheritance laws and Magnus Christoph Ludwig Graf von Stenbock was the last male in the Estonian branch of the family and the estate passed to the Swedish Stenbocks.  My aunt Sabine remembers her grandmother telling her about her mother had been expelled from the estate in 1849.

The daughter of Beate Elizabeth Gräfin von Stenbock was Ebba Margarethe von Grünewaldt born April 6th 1859 in St Petersburg.   She married Axel Friedrich Woldemar von Taube on May 3rd 1884 in St Petersburg.   Axel was born Janaury 15th 1856 on Laupa.  He died on December 30th 1917 in St Petersburg.

Her daughter was Beate von Taube born July 14th 1889 at Forel.  She married my grandfather August von Schulmann born November 23rd 1886 in Reval.   They lived on the family estate of Limmat till the Baltic Germans were expelled in 1939.

August was executed and buried in a mass grave by Soviet troops in late January of 1945.

Ebba lived with my grandparents after her husband died.   She was living with them in 1945 when they were over run by Soviet troops.   At close to age 86 I think it was clear she would be not survive transportation to Siberia with her daughter and granddaughter, she died on route.   My grandmother died shortly after arriving in the labour camp because she no longer had any heart medication.

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hello. I am related to you. share the same ancestors. the stenbock family. in sweden. åsa