Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trying to work when Max is in the hospital

Max has been in VGH since yesterday afternoon.

Last Wednesday he took a tumble down some stairs and has not been willing to put weight on one of his legs.   Sheila took him to the Doctor on Friday and there was nothing obviously wrong with him other than he would not walk on his leg.   Monday morning we got an Xray because he still was not willing to walk on that leg.   At the same time a red warm area had appeared on his ankle.   We saw the Doctor again yesterday afternoon and he called in a colleague to consult with him - they were not sure what was going on and referred Max to the Pediatrician on call at VGH.

What is seems to be is either a skin infection or he may have a bone infection - osteomyelitis.  The bone infection is a fairly serious thing.

He was supposed to have an MRI this morning, but after 45 minutes of trying they could not find a vein to put the sedative into him.   He had several attempts over that time in each arm.   Pin cushion is all I could think.

At this point it looks like another attempt at an MRI tomorrow at 11 am.

He ideally needs an IV to get the antibiotics he needs, in the absence of that he will have to get them injected intramuscularly.

If it is a bone infection, it likely means four weeks of IV antibiotics every six to eight hours.  

This is the busiest work week for me in years, I have a major deal to try and complete ASAP and need to be on the computer and phone (and maybe in Terrace) for many hours a day.   I am back now after being in VGH since 8 am, but I am not managing to focus well.

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Family first Bernard. I hope all goes well.