Friday, January 14, 2011

Off Skiing for the Weekend

I am off to Mount Washington for the weekend to ski with the 3rd Douglas Scouts and Venturers. The upside is that as a leader I go for free, the downside is that I am responsible for all the youth on the hill and will have to ski with them.

I love to ski. In my teenage years I earned money for one reason, to go skiing. I skied several times each week in Grade 11 and 12. Vancouver has three ski hills in the Northshore suburbs and four more ski hills within two hours of Tsawwassen where I grew up.

I have skied rarely as an adult because I can not really justify the expense. The needs of the kids or the house or whatever else always take prededence. It also does not help that we live so far from a ski hill here in Victoria. The island needs a lot more ski hills.

I am looking forward to flying down the hill all day tomorrow and on Sunday, I am know I am coming back to town on Sunday a broken man.

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