Friday, June 25, 2010

Small Town Community Radio

Back in the late 1990s I was involved with a group that put Radio Lillooet on the air, the first radio station to get one the new low power community radio licences.

Over the years there have been many campus radio stations across Canada and some of them were community oriented as well.   BC has nine campus based stations now, though two of them are also parto of broadcast education programs.  

CFRO, aka Coop radio in Vancouver is the grand daddy of community stations, going on the air in 1975.  But these stations were not small town community radio.

CFNR in Terrace started in 1992 as native community radio and rebroadcasts on many reserves around BC

A small town like Lillooet had no local voices on the radio, the stories we would hear were all from the big cities.

This has now changed with many new community radio stations over the last few years.  Here is the current list I know of:

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