Monday, August 03, 2009

Some more on the fires

I am not in the area, so it is hard to know what is exactly going on. I got this message from Jack Ned of Lillooet via facebook:

Good Job Bernard, That is a good summary of what is happening, It is great that you have links to your blog which hosts links to other sources of information. Times like these it is good to have for lack of better words geeks like you.
Well done. No stores access in town, Lightfoot Gas remains open. According to the news it will be like this for the next 48 hours. Keep up the good work.
I wonder what the current situation is for Highway 99? If traffic is still being allowed through from Pemberton, where does it go when it gets to Lillooet? From what I can see, the Bridge of the 23 Camels over the Fraser is still open. Though does it make any sense allowing traffic through to Lillooet from Pemberton?

Jack notes an important issue for the Lillooet area, the several thousand people in the region that have not been ordered out - those down Texas Creek Road, in East Lillooet, the Fountain Valley and such - have a single gas station/convenience store for all their supplies.

I am trying to find any mid day pictures of what is happening with the fire in Lillooet to get a sense of how close it is to being a threat to houses. My old house in Lillooet did not burn during the 1971 fire, but the fire came very, very close to it. The Tit'qet Rancherie reserve burned badly in that fire and the slopes on that mountain are still bare today of trees. I do not think that the houses down in the Conway Park area of town will end up being under threat, but there are many near the High School in the Heights that are closer to standing timber than would be comfortable to me.

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