Saturday, February 14, 2009

technology and the Queen of Vancouver

I am back on the Queen of Vancouver - seems she is still with us.

I am posting this via my telephone and I am thinking about the massive technological changes we have undergone since this ship was built in 1962. I am also amazed at how much more we know about our universe in that same time.

At no point in human history have advanced knowledge as quickly and comopletely as we have in the last 47 years. I am on ship that dates from time before there was such a thing as information technology as we understand it. The phone I am using has more computing power than all the world's computers did in 1962.

In applied sciences, there is not nothing we are not doing better now than in 1962. The very materials we use - many were not even in anyone's imagination back then. In our thought processes on process management we have moved so far forward as to make the early 60's look like the Stone Age.

This ship is now an antique relic of an another time with more in common to the Victorian era than today.

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