Saturday, February 28, 2009

Richard Louv Speaking in Victoria

Richard Louv is the author of the book Last Child in the Woods. He is speaking in Victoria on Saturday March 7th at 7pm at the Victoria Conference Centre. Admission is free.

The talk is sponsored by Royal Roads, The BC Youth Climate Leadership Alliance and the Kesho Trust.

I am very active on an almost daily basis with what Richard Louv's is talking about. Three of my kids are in Scouting and get direct and constant exposure to the outdoors and nature. I am dismayed at how few parents put their kids into Scouting, but even more than that, I am utterly disgusted at how few parents take the time to become active in Scouting.

Each year the 3rd Douglas Scouts camp about 20 nights, take part in at least one environmental project, hike on numerous trails in the region, learn and talk about the natural world around us, and learn how to take responsibility and become good stewards of our society.

Scouts Canada is an inclusive organization, boys and girls can be members. Sexual orientation is a big issue in the US, but not an issue in Canada.

Richard Louv's makes it clear how important this connection to the world around us is for the development of kids, but it is amazing how few people take even the easiest action and get their kids involved with Scouting. Scout House is at 505 Marigold, the shop is open Tuesday and Thursdays from 4pm to 8pm and Saturday mornings. Scouting has a program for youth from age five to eighteen. Go into the shop and find out about what is available locally.

I also have chickens and grow some of my own food so that the kids remain connected to where food comes from and what it takes to go from a seed to the dinner table

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