Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inhertiting Things

My family home in Tsawwassen is about to be sold. My parents bought the house in early 1966. It is the only house that has been my family home.

Sheila got back with the truck last night and it was filled with stuff from my mother's house, things that were anchored in the house at 962 Bayview drive. Small stupid things that were always there and are now here. I now have big collection of books related to Baltic German history and genealogy.

I have so many pictures to find a home for on the walls of his house. Old ones related to the history of my family.

The genealogical resources make me want to start up the work I had been doing on my family tree, work that I stopped afterr my father died. I feel a burden on me to be the famy archivist - I collected all the old papers from mother's house. I will have one book shelf solely dedicated to family history in the house.

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