Thursday, February 05, 2009

Putting some picture for people to see

Some more old pictures from my family, the first one is of the ship the Beaverbrae which brought over a lot of the Baltic Germans that emigrated to Canada from 1948 to 1954
The next picture of my great grandfather Karl Wilhelm Ernest von Stackelberg - July 20 1868 to April 26 1941

This next picture is from April 1932 and is of my mother, Lita von Schulmann 1929 - 2009, and here sister, Renata Runge 1927 and still living.

The picture below is from 1928 and of my grandmother Beate von Schulmann (nee Taube) 14 July 1889 - Sept 1945. She is holding Sabine with Berndt and Axel, my father, in front of her.

The final picture is of my great grandmother Margarethe Esther von Dellingshausen (nee Ramm) August 17 1874 - August 11 1944. The picture is from about 1900

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