Thursday, April 12, 2007

The need to believe in conspiracies

With the revelation of a Green candidate in Vancouver buying into the idea of a 9/11 conspiracy, I figure it is time to look at this need for conspiracies.

The holocaust - there a lot of people out there that simply will not believe that Hitler's government could or did kill 6 000 000 jewish people. I was stunned to hear this in early 2005 by someone wanting to run for office in BC.

The assassination of John F Kennedy - people have trouble accepting that one guy could have killed a popular American president. They have a need for there to be have there be some large group having been behind the killing. There is a need for there to be a meaning in it all.

Now we come to 9/11 and there are some crazy ideas out there.

1) Myth One - This Big An Event Needed a Lot of Planning - No Small Group Could Have Done it. Hijacking a plane and flying it into a building had not been done before - no one was prepared for this. Hijackings have always been about using the people on the plane as hostages. This change in tactics caught everyone off guard. It was any easy event to coordinate and do with a small group. When a group of people do something new, it often works because of the surprise in the changed tactic.

2) The Twin Towers Could Not Have Imploded as They Did - Guess what, they were designed to collapse as they did if the structure was compromised. The centre of gravity is in the middle of the building, any collapse would be straight down. There is no reason for the buildings to tip over.

3) There Was No Airplane Wreakage at the Pentagon - First off it is there for people to see, but let us look at some of the facts. The plane is a thin metal skin shell - the Pentagon is a thick stone building - of course almost all the debris is from the building and not the plane. Also, the stone Pentagon would not burn much at all.

4) If This Was Terrorist Attack, The Planes Would Have Been Shot Down - give me a break, only someone smoking something very hallucinogenic could think this. The tactic was a surprise. The US Military is not allowed to act inside the US against the Citizens. No pilot in an F-16 is going to shoot down an airliner - who knows where the debris would go.

5) All the Jews Knew Not to Come to Work That Day - where does one even start with that sort of a statement? Sort of ignores the fact that a lot of jewish people died that day.

20 Arabic fascists managed to surprise the world by doing something outside of what anyone had ever considered possible. That is the story, that is the only thing result that evidence supports.

But there are people out there that need to use the event for their own political purposes, to seek some greater meaning in the world from the event, to be able to discount the fact that a small group of fascists could wreak so much havoc so quickly one September morning.

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