Friday, April 20, 2007


A dream I would like to see happen is to see a nation like level of governance for BC, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and part of Northern California.

The concept is called Cascadia.

The idea makes sense from a geographic sense - the Pacific coast is geographically oriented north south.

It also makes sense from the economic sense as well. There are natural boundaries that define our forested and mountainous region. We have some farming areas, but are much more likely to be near to the forests. We are an area of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.

The core of Cascadia is the stretch from Eugene Oregon through Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Bellingham and onto to Vancouver (now stretching to Whistler).

We have major ports oriented to Asia - Anchorage, Prince Rupert, Vancouver, and Seattle. Frankly these are the gateways between Asia and North America.

Our mineral resources are huge as well. We are the core of all North American forestry.

Cascadia is also on a scale that is more amenable to a human scale.

I can never tell if there is more interest in the US states or in BC for the concept.

As of this time there is no serious movement to work towards this goal, but I remain very interested and would be happy to see it happen in my lifetime.

Cascadia is also the same area that Chinook covers.

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