Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rain Language Part II

Here is the second section of Terry Glavin's poem Rain Language.  This is the link to the first section.

This is about 1/8th of the whole poem, I will be posting it in chunks.  Terry wrote it in seven pieces.   Since I could not find a copy online I asked Terry if I could post it and he agreed.   The original is in the book "A Voice Great within us: The Story of Chinook" by Charles Lillard and Terry Glavin published by Transmontanus/New Star Books

The "English" sections are not only a translation but an integral part of the whole poem

Rain Language

Alta nika potlach wawa kopa okoke pepah.
     Now I will talk to you about this picture.
Yaka klatawa kopa stick
     He went into the woods
mamook tzum.
     to write.
Snass chako.
     It was raining.
Yaka mitlite halo tamahnous.
     He had no Guardian Spirit.
Kopa Nemiah, Mabel Solomon mamook le di.
     Up in Nemiah, Mabel Solomon brewed up le di.
Le di.
Huloiam klawhap mitlite kopa illahie, 
      There were strange pits in the ground, 
konoway kah,
pe olemans pe ole klootchmans mamook wawa
     and the old Chilcotin people called them
keekweelie holes.
     giggly holes.
Okoke wawa, klaska wawa kopa
     It is their word for
keekweelie houses.
     underground houses.
Kopa ole yiem, yahwa mitlite t'kope man
      In old stories, there is a white man
cloosh sakolleks, cloosh pasesse
     in a fine suit of clothes
pa yaka nem mitlite Lejaub.
     and his name is Lejaub.
     The Devil.
Kopa okoke oakut, lelang mitlite,
     That is the way the language lingers,
yukwa pe yahwa
     here and there.
Halo chako, halo mahsh,
     Not arriving, not leaving, 
kopa tenas wawa.
     in little words.
Wake siah kahkwa kwass leloo,
      Not quite like the fear of wolves,
halo kahkwa snass kopa Bella Colla,
     not like the rain at Bella Colla,
yaka mitlite nawitka kiuatan chako tseepie
     more like the horse that was lost
kopa Snow Mountains,
     in the Snow Mountains,
kiuatan nesika nanitch kopa stick
      the one we would see through the trees
tenas hiyu times
     now and then
kopa tenas lamonti klahanie Tsunia.
     in the hills beyond Tsunia.
Yaka mitlite tenas wawa,
     It is in little words,
pe ole shantie.
     and old songs.

     Tlonas kahta nika tumtum
          I do not know how my heart feels
     Nika nanitch klatawa Godsroad klatawa
          I have seen the steamer Godsroad leaving
     Pe chali mitlite, pe tlakawa nika.
          With Charlie aboard, and I am sad

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