Friday, June 14, 2013

Canadians in space, some ranking

I last looked at this in January of 2012, before Chris Hadfield's trip to the ISS.   As of right now, Canadians have spent 506 days 3 hours and 37 minutes in space.  Only Russians, Americans and Japanese people have spent more time in space.

Nine Canadians have been in space, only seven countries have had nine or more people go into space

Canadians have been in space a total of 17 times, only three countries match or exceed this.

Canadians by time is space

    Astronaut     Time in space      Trips to Space 

  1. Bob Thirsk       204 days 18hrs 30min    2
  2. Chris Hadfield   165 days 16hrs 21min    3
  3. Marc Garneau      29 days  2hrs  1min    3
  4. Dave Williams     28 days 15hrs 46min    2
  5. Julie Payette     25 days 11hrs 58min    2
  6. Steve McLean      21 days 16hrs  2min    2
  7. Bjarni Tryggvason 11 days 20hrs 28min    1
  8. Guy Laliberté     10 days 21hrs 17min    1
  9. Roberta Bondar     8 days  1hr  14min    1

Astronaut       EVA time   EVAs
Dave Williams  17hrs 47min  3
Chris Hadfield 14hrs 40min  2
Steve McLean    7hrs 11min  1

Canada really stands out as a space faring nation when we compare ourselves to other countries.  
Other Commonwealth Astronauts
Astronaut        Country     Time in Space    
Muszaphar Shukor  Malaysia  10 days 21hrs 14min 
Mark Shuttleworth RSA        9 days 21hrs 25min
Rikki Sharma      India      7 days 21hrs 40min
Helen Sharman     UK         7 days 21hrs 13min 

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