Thursday, August 02, 2012

Canadian transit rail systems

Just looking at how successful the various systems are in Canada as of best data I can get at the moment

City     km  stations daily passengers
Montreal  69.2  68      1,111,700
Toronto   70    69      1,054,200
Vancouver 68.7  47        406,300
Calgary   48.8  36        263,603
Edmonton  21    15         95,315
Ottawa     5     8         14,200
TOTAL    282.7 243      2,932,538

Toronto is in the process of extending the Younge-University-Spadina line to Vaughn adding 8.6 km of line and six new stations.  There is also the new Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Line will include the Scarborough RT and some 20 km more line westwards

Vancouver has started construction of the Evergreen Line which will add 11 km and six new stations to the Skytrain system.

Calgary is building the West LRT which will add 8 km and 7 new stations.   Calgary is also extending the existing north west line by one station and the north east line by two stations.

Edmonton is currently adding three stations ona  North LRT expansion

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