Thursday, April 19, 2012

Patrick Baron von Dellingshausen 1902-1980

This is the notice for my grandfather's death, my mother's father.   

Patrick von Dellingshausen was born December 7th 1902 on the family manor of  Loop in the Russian province of Estonia.   He died August 25th 1980 in Hamburg.

He had two daughters from his first marriage (1926-1940) to Maria von Stackelberg, my mother Lita (1929-2009) and her sister Nata (1927-2009).   

He had two sons from his second marriage (1941-1980) to Ingeborg Sauermann , Patrick(1942) and Niki (1944).   Niki happened to drop by for a visit on Tuesday out of the blue.

Patrick also had two step children that came from his second wife Ingeborg's first marriage.

From his four children he had 10 grandchildren, though two of them were born after his death.  His first grandchild was born in 1946 when my aunt Nata had a son at age 19.

Nata - Charley 1946, Andreas 1968
Lita - Beatrice 1955, Bernard 1965, Nik 1969
Niki - Christoph 1973, Nils 1976, Olaf 1980
Patrick - Patrick 1982, Elizabeth 1984

He has 18 great-grandchildren, 16 born after his death. 

In August his first great-great-grandchild will be born, though there might be a couple out there because the connection to the kids of my aunt Nata's son Charley are very tenuous at best.  

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting to learn the background of the von Dellinghausen family though I do remember the grandfather telling about being at the Russian Court when a child. I got to know his son Patrick who must be about 67ish now in the late 60s in Frankfurt and also spent a pleasant weekend in Hameln where I met Nikki and his verlobte,