Friday, December 09, 2011

17 years ago today I was at BC Women's Hospital

It was exactly 17 years ago right now that Daniel was born.  He was born at BC Women's Hospital after a VERY long labour, Catherine spent more than 24 hours in the hospital in labour.

The first apartment was small, a one bedroom on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.   But we made it work. Daniel shared our futon, which was on the floor.

As the oldest child, he has always been first to get to every age.   Now that he is 17 he is at an age where I thought I was basically capable of being an adult.   I see what sort of person Daniel is and I see that he a well on his way to being an adult.  

In June Daniel will be finished with high school and then he wants to travel.   There is a world out there for him to see and as a dual citizen (Canada and Estonia) he will be able to live and work in all of the EU.

One of several times Daniel was on the cover of the Lillooet News

Daniel on December 13th 1994

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