Thursday, September 22, 2011

Olson is dying

I am not sure that I am happy that Clifford Olson is dying.  What he did makes me almost blind with anger when I think about it.   It still pisses me off that he got reward money.  It pisses me off that he has had a prison experience that is not hell on earth.   I wish that he could have been put into solidarity confinement and served plain cold oatmeal as his only food every freaking day in prison.  That he never heard another human voice, never saw anything but an empty plain cell.

In the spring and summer of 1981 the Lower Mainland became the most dangerous place to be a teenager in Canadian history.  11 youth were killed by Clifford Olson.   11 kids that were about the same age I was at the time.  One that always resonated the most with me was Raymond King, he was almost exactly the same ageI  was, he was riding a ten speed to the Manpower office to find some summer work when Olson took him. He was doing something that I could have been doing.

It hit home with me at the time because the kids that were killed were just like me - most in secondary school and living in normal middle class neighbourhoods.  It was also only a couple of years after the horror of what happened to Abby Drover.

Thinking back on it now, there was media coverage of all the kids that went missing and presumed murdered, but there was never once any discussion of the situation in my school by the teachers or counselors.

I will be glad when he dies.

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