Friday, June 03, 2011

More Hockey Teams in Canada

Canada is home to 8, shortly to be 9, major league sports franchises.   6 in the NHL, one in the NBA and one in MLB.   California with a similar population is home to 15 major league teams.

  • Cities the size of Montreal in the US would have four major league teams, the city has one.   
  • If Toronto were in the US, it would have four major league teams, not three.
  • Vancouver has one team, comparable US cities have two to three teams

Based on the US example, Canada could have a lot more NHL teams.    If Montreal and Vancouver were to add new NHL teams, their average population per team would still be higher than most US cities.

Hamilton and Quebec City both have large enough populations to support one major league team each.

There is a large enough population in Canada to add a significant number of new teams to the country.   The NHL should be looking to move the Coyotes, the Ducks and the Islanders to Canada ASAP.  Two of those teams are in markets the NHL already has team and does not need a second one.   The last, Phoenix, has been a disaster and makes the NHL look like a joke.  

Hamilton could take a team immediately.   Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver all would need an arena for the team to play in.

In the case of Vancouver, Surrey would be a good place to put a new team.   It would mean less travel for the Canucks and an intense local rivalry.   It would also mean more hockey in the media.   The five games the teams played in Vancouver each year would be huge events.

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