Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One last post about the Olympics

Given the huge national outpouring for the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, I would think that it would make sense for the Federal government to actively seek the winter games on a regular basis just for the benefits to Canadian unity.

The obvious next choice for the winter games in Canada is Quebec City, but when? 2014 will be in Sochi, sort of Europe. I suspect that 2018 will be in Asia as they have not hosted a winter games since 1998. 2022 will be back in North America, but likely the IOC will want to see those games in the US. 2026 will most likely be in the Alps, likely Zurich, Bern, or Annecy. 2030 is probably the best chance for a winter games in Canada.

2022 is not impossible for Canada to achieve given how much Vancouver embraced the games and how well they were run.

I think about all the money spent by the federal government on unity programs and how little impact it has had on the country. The Vancouver games were much cheaper. When one thinks of hockey, there is English/French divide with respect to the players. Roberto Luongo is from Quebec. Sports may be the one thing Canadians can actually unite on.

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