Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Last Night of the Olympics

These pictures are from the last night of the Winter Olympic Games. The location is Robson Square and the pics are by my brother Nik.

Here is what Nik had to say about that night.
UNBELIEVABLE. After watching the Gold Medal Hockey Game at Robson Square, Jacquie and I headed down to BC Place for the Closing Ceremonies. The crowds in the streets in the afternoon were like I’ve never seen before. After the Closing I headed back to Robson for our last two performances of ‘Ignite the Dream’. It was jammed but people were generally partying and having fun. I left Vancouver after midnight (9 hours after hockey ended) and the crowds were still thick. When I returned this morning at 5:30am to start the load in at BC Place for the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies the last stragglers were stumbling home.

It’s strange loading in a show as everything else is loading out. All of the Organizing Committee is fried and the Producers of the Opening Ceremonies just want to celebrate. In the midst of all this we need to get the attention of everyone that we are doing another show for 50,000+ and nationally televised in 11 days. I’ll have my chance to be fried and party in just over three weeks after the Parlaympic Closing Ceremonies in Whistler.


I have been in huge crowds many times over the years, but these in Vancouver are amazing in scope and in how peaceful they were.

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