Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Estonia at the 2010 Games

My family comes from Estonia, both my parents were born there and lived there until they were expelled in 1939.

I will be following the Estonians at the 2010 Games in Vancouver. They are coming with a team of 28 athletes.

There best chance comes in cross country skiing and biathalon. In the 2006 Olympics they picked up three golds.

Alpine skiing
  • Deyvid Oprja - Men's
  • Tiiu Nurmberg - Women's

Men's team
  • Roland Lessing
  • Kauri Kõiv
  • Indrek Tobreluts
  • Priit Viks
  • Martten Kaldvee

Women's team
  • Eveli Saue
  • Sirli Hanni
  • Kadri Lehtla
  • Kristel Viigipuu.

Cross-country skiing
Men's team
  • Peeter Kümmel
  • Jaak Mae - 38 but still getting top ten finishes in the shorter classical races this year in the world cup. Bronze in Salt Lake City
  • Aivar Rehemaa - no good finishes in the world cup this season
  • Anti Saarepuu - a sprinter that can finish in the top ten
  • Andrus Veerpalu - won gold in 2002 and 2006 in the 15 km classical and bronze in the 50km in 2002, he has a good chance of a medal again
  • Kein Einaste - only a few top ten finishes this year
  • Algo Kärp - no good finishes in the world cup this season
  • Kaspar Kokk - no good finishes in the world cup this season
  • Timo Simonlatser - a few top tens
Karel Tammjärv - has not finished well in many races this season though had a 4th in a 10k classical

Women's team
  • Kristina Šmigun-Vähi - 2 Golds in 2006, but her preformance on the World Cup has not been that good the last couple of years, her last win was almost three years ago
  • Kaija Udras - has a chance to win a medal in the shorter classical
  • Triin Ojaste - only 20 but has potential
  • Tatjana Mannima - outside shot at a medal

Figure skating
  • Jelena Glebova – Ladies' - Outside chance of a medal
  • Maria Sergejeva / Ilja Glebov – Pairs
  • Irina Štork / Taavi Rand – Ice dancing - they are very young, 16 and 17
  • Viktor Romanenkov – Men's - also very young, only 16

Kadri Pihla Snowboarding

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