Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canada and the most amazing winter games

As of last night, Canada tied the record for most gold by a host country in the Winter Olympics with 10 gold. Norway achieved this in 1994 and the US in 2002. In fairness, the Norwegian 10 would the same as 14.5 now and the US 10 in 2002 would like 12 now. But still we are tied.

The most gold medals won by any country in the Winter Olympics is 13, the Soviet Union did this in 1976 and Norway in 2002. Canada has a chance to tie this record or break this record as it has four more events in which could win gold.

Another interesting factoid, the host country last topped the medal standings in 1952 in the winter games, that being Norway with the Oslo games. The US also managed to top the table in 1936 Lake Placid.

Canada is one gold ahead of Germany and two ahead of the US and Norway. Canada has a chance for gold in hockey, curling, men's parallel giant slalom snowboard, 4 man bob, and men's long track pursuit. Canada should win 2-3 more.

The US has a chance for golds in 4 man bobsleigh, long track pursuit and hockey. The US should win 2 more.

Norway has a chance in two cross country events and curling. Norway should 2 more

Germany has a chance in women's long track pursuit, 0-1 gold for them.

So, based on this, the finish would be:
  • Canada 12-13 gold
  • US - 10 gold
  • Norway 10 gold
  • Germany 9-10 gold

It will be very important for Canada to win both the men's hockey and curling gold medal games to ensure topping out the medal rankings.

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