Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life with ADHD

I am 44 and was first diagnosed with ADHD four years ago. I managed to live through my life up until age 39 not being recognized what I was suffering from.

I actually figured out myself that I was ADHD through the diagnosis of my second son, I saw many of the same symptoms within myself. I then tried Ritalin during the spring of 2005 because I was on a job that was 12 to 16 hours a day that needed me to be on top of details. I got myself referred to a psychiatrist who formally gave the the diagnosis.

Getting the label of ADHD meant I had to understand what it meant. Looking back through my life I could now see the patterns that had always been there. I could see that I was using coffee as the stimulant I needed to focus my mind. I can remember how it used to be in the past, I needed to have at least one coffee to be able to function at all. I no longer need coffee that any longer, in fact if Sheila did not want coffee, I would not be drinking much at all.

Being self aware of my state meant that I could understand some of things in my life that had always been hard for me to understand. It also meant I could research changes in my life that would make things easier for me.

I have also read enough to understand the benefits of ADHD. The crazier things are, the calmer I am. In a crisis situation I get focused and see everything in clarity. It is as the world around me slows down. I also have an ability to multi-task better than almost anyone I have ever met. Keeping multiple thoughts running in my head. I can see connections that seem to allude most people.

I know that Sheila has been going through a learning curve to understand life with an ADHD partner. I put her through crazy moments and she is learning how to see what is ADHD and what is me being annoying.

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