Monday, November 02, 2009

Vanguard on Current TV

Lately I have been watching Vanguard which is on Current TV. The program is a series of half an hour to hour long current event investigative stories. It is much better than 60 Minutes, 20/20, W5 or the fifth estate.

It is better because the stories are longer, they are not short ten minute cursory looks at something. Vanguard also chooses interesting stories from interesting angles, they are letting me know about stories I am not hearing elsewhere, not even in the Economist, the world's greatest newspaper. The latest story was about the impact of ecstasy on the forest in the Cardamom mountains of Cambodia.

Vangaurd is also great because the journalist are all young and not jaded. I may not like all their politics, but they are good film makers and journalists that bring interesting angles to the stories. You look at the North American shows like 60 Minutes and you see that their journalists are all old, very old. Morley Safer is still on 60 Minutes and is 78, all but one of the five current hosts is over 64 years old.

Vanguard is also available on Youtube - search for them, you will not disappointed

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