Monday, August 03, 2009

Some links and information on the fires near Lillooet

I lived in the Lillooet are for a number of years and it holds a very important place in my heart and soul, it is my heaven on earth. There are now several fires near Lillooet.

The biggest is the Mount McLean fire at about 2650 hectares as of last MoF reports, but that size is unchanged from yesterday and given what I could see in the videos from Howard Greenberg, the new burning in Towne Creek alone is adding some 1000 hectares on the eastside of the fire above town.

As of mid day today, the fire is within 500 metres of town.

The Bridge River Lillooet News is providing some updates online about the fire. Though they are no longer in their offices on Main Street.

There is also a fire that started yesterday near Seton Portage on the south shore of Seton Lake. The town there has been evacutated, not word on the size of that fire. It was very quickly 575 hectares in size. I have no idea where it is at as of mid day today, but my suspicion is that the whole of the Spider Creek watershed will likely burn and that alone will add another 1500 hectares to the fire.

Seton Portage and Shalath have been evacuated.

There are also some fires in the Yalakom Valley near Big Dog Mountain. This fire is close to the fire that started in late May at Tyaughton Lake. The fires are in the 1000 hectares in size. I have heard no details on this fire at all other than it exists. It is some 30 km up river from the small community at Moha, aka Yalakom. The people have been ordered to leave, I maybe misreading where the fire is.

I am going to post more information shortly as I can put it all together.

The stream of cars leaving town

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