Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More on the Lillooet Fires

It looks like Lillooet could be safe from being hit, but the region is still very much on fire.

Yalakom Fires - link to map files of the fires

There are two fires in this region that are actually not very close together. The main was the K71185 - Big Dog Mountain but there is a second one. They way things were written I thought it was close to the Big Dog fire, but it is not. It is at Hell Creek in the Bridge River Canyon and is about 750 hectares in size. Big Dog is 1500 hectares in size.

This fire is very close to where I friend of mine lived and is only a few kilometres from 'downtown' Moha.

This fire is 12.5 km from the Mount McLean fire around Lillooet, though the two are separated by a alpine the Bridge River Canyon. The Hell Creek fire is a long way from the Big Dog Mountain fire, over 22 kilometres, why they are listed together is beyond me.

Seton Fire - 1325 hectares

This fire is only 7 km south and west of the Mount McLean fire, but there is a lake between the two. It has grown in size and seems to be going eastwards more than any other direction.

Mount McLean - 3650 hectares

The growth on this fire has all been in the Towne Creek area, the eastern front. There has been little or no movement for the last couple of days on the northern edge or the western.

It looks like the controlled burns have cleared the area above Lillooet and the town is safe.

As the crow flies, the fire has come to within 900 metres of the house I used to own. Some of the people I know have their houses only about 400 metres from the front of the fire.

Intlpam - 785 hectares

The eastern edge of this fire is closing in on some remote farms along the Texas Creek Road, it looks to be about two to three kilometres away.

It looks like the fire has been moving south towards Sihwe Creek, in fact this was actually two seperate fires, K70951 and K70947 that are now combined as one. All the growth seems to be to the east and downhill.

Total of what has burned in the Lillooet region this year:

  • Tyaughton Lake - 8045
  • Big Dog Mountain - 1500
  • Hell Creek - 750
  • Seton Portage - 1325
  • Mount McLean - 3650
  • Intlpam - 785
  • TOTAL - 16055

This is almost 2/3s of the burned are in the Kamloops fire area and 20% of the total burned area in BC this year....

Video of the controlled burn of August 4th

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