Thursday, May 07, 2009

Second Workout

I went to the Esquimalt Rec Centre last night - the gym is know as the Wellness Centre, a good name in my opinion. I wanted to get in some sort of workout yesterday because I want to get one six days out of seven and it would be bad to break this pattern early on.

I did nothing fancy, 35 minutes or so on one of the treadmills. I managed about 3.2 km in that time. Our personal trainer said no running at the start, so this kept the machine at about 6 Km/h, though I did try a bit of running and I could very quickly feel it in my knees. 293 lbs is not good for the knees or other joints. I burned about 500 calories, not a huge amount but better than not doing it.

Even this morning I can still feel my abs ache from the workout on Tuesday with the trainer. She did push us a bit, though not too much, nothing like the trainers on Biggest Loser

My BMI is about 37 at the moment. Like many people with long term weight problems, I justify the number not being as bad as it is because I am not an average body shape. For me to be under a BMI of 25 I would have to weigh less than 200 pounds and I am not convinced that this is realistic for me, but I am trying to take it as an indication of generally where I am at. I would like to actually get a body fat percentage measure.

An alternative to the BMI is the BVI or Body Volume Index. BVI requires a 3D body scan to use it. Ultimately the BMI may be crude and "feel wrong" to many of us that are overweight, but it is a calculation that can be done with out any machines.

My previsous high weight was about 310 pounds in about 1998. The difference in my weight this time compared to that time is that this time it is much more around my belly. In 1998 I had fat legs and arms. I remember in 2003/04 when I shed a lot of weight that I was amazed that my wrists got skinnier.

I dropped myself from 310 to 290 around 2000. It is was 2003 that I started a pervious serious workout regime and I ultimately got myself down to 235 pounds or so by mid 2004 and held myself there for about two years. I have had a crazy few years and gained a lot of weight in the last 15 months especially.

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