Tuesday, February 03, 2009

London Paralyzed by Snow

I lived in London in 1985/86 and then again 1990 to 1992. It amazed me then at how close the city was to not functioning well at all. Seems a bit of snow has shut down the city. The amount of snow that has fallen is not even that much at all, but it has shut everything down.

I remember on day in the early 1990s when it snowed late on a Sunday night through to Monday morning and the chaos that came. I worked in an office of about 50 people. I left for work early because, as some that grew up in Vancouver, I knew it would take longer to get into town. I got in and was one of four people that made it on time. Only about ten people came in that day.

The trains did not run because "it is the wrong type of snow". That snow was a dry one because it was about -5 to -6 when it snowed.

This latest snow is clearly the slushy stuff the Brits are used to, they do get snow there about as often as Victoria does. But once again they were not prepared. They did not even pay attention to the weather forecasts.

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