Thursday, February 19, 2009

Incident on BC Ferries on Sunday

Last Sunday evening I was on my way back to Victoria with Sheila and the kids after spending the weekend emptying my mother's house in Tsawwassen so that it can be sold. A weekend that sucked because my family home is no longer there, the only family home I have known for my 43 years. It was very good to have been doing this with my brother and sister.

We got into the line for the ferry and missed the five pm sailing. We were about to get onto the 6 pm sailing the the truck was dead. Very stressful and very embracing. Not a great way to end a depressing weekend.

Sheila and the boys managed to walk onto the 7pm and I got the truck towed into Tsawwassen to the Husky. I also got BC Ferries to refund the ticket, the problem is that the refunded the whole ticket including the boys and Sheila. They got on for free.

I got back to the ferry terminal with lots of time to spare for the nine pm sailing. When I was buying the ticket for myself, I pointed out that they had refunded me too much money, $39 to be exact. This confused the ticket agent - he obviously was expecting a complaint. He did not know what to do with this and so called for the manager.

The manager got there and was also at first confused, he was expecting a hostile person and not this problem. He said "the sailing is on us"

The agent, manager and another staff person there thanked me for being so honest.

I felt good because I did not have a low grade stress from getting something for free by accident - it is important to my faith to be truthful. I could see I also brightened the day of the three guys I dealt. It was also a chance for them to differentiate this day for all their other work days.

Just a small story to remind people that being honest and doing the right thing improves the lives of everyone it touches.

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